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EcoRoq’s proprietary product is a humidity and bacteria control filter technology consisting primarily of a multi-sorted natural mineral compound, Guerite and another mineral, Saugin. Both minerals are 100% natural, environmentally friendly and completely recyclable.

Guerite is mined from an area of the Mojave Desert in the United States, which is the only known location and source on Earth of this unique mineral compound. The amazing attributes of the mineral were discovered in the early 1970's, when a small quantity of Guerite found its way into a refrigerator and significant changes were observed. Over the last 30 years, this simple, yet very successful, system has gained thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

When placed in a refrigerated environment, the Ecoroq Filters function as a humidity buffer and, by controlling humidity levels, assist refrigeration equipment to achieve optimal storage conditions FASTER and more EFFICIENTLY, REDUCING COSTS and INCREASING PROFITS!

The economic benefits directly achieved through humidity control are:
O Increasing the shelf life of cold stored products, maintaining their quality, weight and visual appearance
O Reducing the spread of bacteria and mold build-up in refrigerated areas
O Reducing the transfer and cross-contamination of odors
O Lowering the ambient temperature of enclosed refrigerated environments
O Reducing workplace injury risk by maintaining dry floors in walk-in cold rooms
O Reducing wasted/lost labor time
O Increasing the life span of compressors and motors associated with refrigeration
O Reduces compressor recycle rates - directly contributing to a reduction in energy consumption

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