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Ecoroq Filters GUARANTEE a Safer, Cleaner Fridge Always!

In order to reduce the temperature in refrigerated environments, you do not add cold – you remove heat.

Refrigeration is the process of removing heat from an enclosed space, or from a substance and rejecting it elsewhere for the primary purpose of lowering the temperature of the enclosed space or substance and then maintaining that lower temperature.

To remove that heat, refrigeration equipment has been preset to run in a temperature and humidity range recommended for the type of products stored.

However, there are a number of factors that affect refrigeration efficiency: varying amounts of produce; traffic in and out of refrigerator; equipment wear and tear – constantly alter the cold storage environment creating rises in temperature and humidity. There is an increased load on the equipment and also the time required to achieve the required conditions (temperature set point), which can all affect the stored produce.

The Ecoroq Filters act as a Humidity Buffer by filtering air and water particles through a 100% natural, unrefined mineral compounds, called Guerite and Saugin. The mineral combination is completely non-toxic and safe to use in any environment.

What makes this mineral composition so unique is that it strives to live in conditions of between 80% – 90% relative humidity. In order to achieve that, the mineral is able to rapidly absorb and desorb moisture – depending on the conditions – thereby controlling humidity within the refrigerated environment.

In a refrigerated environment, air is cooled, increasing relative humidity. This is caused by air cooling and losing its capacity to hold water vapor. As a result, condensation occurs. Water molecules are attracted to 'contaminants' through their chemical bonding properties holding them in a gaseous suspension.

The airflow and the absorption and desorption capacities of Ecoroq attract the contaminated water molecules, which are then filtered through the microscopic, crystalline pores acting as a molecular sieve.

The organic substances attached to the water particles, too large to pass through the pores, are held within Guerite.

Purified water particles are released back into the refrigerated environment when required.

Laboratory testing has proven that, due to its unique mixture of amorphous and crystalline-layered honeycomb structure, Guerite is able to rapidly absorb up to half of its own weight in moisture and, in doing so, absorb up to 79% of the Ethylene gas that is produced by ripening fruits and vegetables. Guerite maintains an optimal ambient humidity level (between 80% - 90%) to store perishables and maintain an ideal refrigerated environment.

While many refrigeration experts are still baffled as to why this particular mineral compound has such an effect on a refrigerated environment, they all agree that this simple solution achieves these amazing results by being able to control the humidity levels like no other naturally occurring substance. Business operators agree that no other solution provides as many benefits or is as cost effective as the Ecoroq Filters.

These results have been validated by thousands of satisfied customers all around the world. From the small cafés and take-aways on the Australian beachfront, the 5 star hotels and restaurants in the UK and France, to customers throughout the United States. ALL have embraced this most effective solution.

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