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"Installing Ecoroq filters in our coolers has improved the environment in all of them.  The mold on the walls has not come back and the strong odors have been eliminated. The shelf life of the produce and cheese has really improved.  I would recommend this product to anyone in the food service industry."
Dan Capello, Executive Chef Chenal Country Club, Little Rock, Arkansas

"We have been using the Ecoroq Moisture Control filters now for several months.  I have noticed a huge difference in my walk-in refrigerator.  The deterioration of our fruits and veggies has been significantly reduced and I have also noticed that there is less of a refrigerator smell in the walk-in. We are satisfied with the product and will continue itís use."
Heather Isbell, Owner Izzyís Restaurant, Little Rock, Arkansas

"We have been amazed at the results of your product in our coolers.  Within the first twenty-four hours, we noticed a drop of 3 degrees in our main cooler.  Our produce is lasting longer and our pizza dough doesnít dry out as fast.  I would recommend this product to anyone trying to maximize their bottom line."
Eric Mc Duffie, Owner of Little Caesarís Pizza,  Hot Springs, Arkansas

"Moisture has always been an issue in our walk-in coolers until now.  After installing the humidity control filters in the coolers, they  immediately dried up and smelled much better.  The icing problems we had in our freezer have gone as well.  The working conditions are safer for my employees and the temperatures hold better than in the past."  
Lisa Abbay,  Director of Food & Nutrition, Baptist Memorial Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee

"This is a great product!  We were skeptical at first, but after seeing the results we were sold.  The floors that had a tendency to hold moisture were dry and the smells went away.   I canít say enough about Ecoroq.  I would recommend this product to anyone that is concerned about temperatures and food safety."
Shannon Owens,  Food Service Director, Arkansas Heart Hospital, Little Rock, Arkansas

"This is the best thing we have done for our walk in coolers!  The moisture and ice issues have gone away in our restaurant.  I canít say enough about it.  Awesome!"
Rose Thomas, Associate Manager, Golden Corral Buffet & Grill, North Little Rock, Arkansas

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