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In a nutshell, an Ecoroq filter will pay for itself through a combination of several changes you will see in your walk-in coolers and freezers.

1.  The temperature in your cooler will drop 3 to 5 degrees which means:

You will be using less energy to maintain the temperature you desire.  We estimate that your cooler will consume 15 to 20% less power each month.
Your refrigeration equipment will operate 3-4 hours less per day, substantially reducing wear and tear on your equipment and service calls.
Lower power requirements for your kitchens.

2.  The humidity level in your cooler will stabilize to the optimum level for food storage and preservation, which is between 75% and 85%.  This has the following positive effects:

Your floor, walls and ceiling will be noticeably drier.  Excess moisture is filtered, cleaned and returned to the air.
A wet floor is a serious hazard to employee safety.  Work comp claims may be reduced due to improved conditions in the cooler.
Optimum food storage humidity levels are from 80 to 95%, depending on the food.  Most Texas coolers have a humidity level of 50% to 60% (unfiltered).

3. Airborne bacteria will be reduced by at least 80%

Cross contamination is virtually eliminated because the filter absorbs e coli, salmonella and other harmful bacteria from the air in the cooler

6.  Odors are absorbed by the filter and the tainting of foods is no longer an issue

4.  Mold will no longer grow in your cooler

5.  Ethylene gases are absorbed by the filter which will extend the shelf life of your fruits and vegetables by 50 to 150%

7. In your freezers, your defrost cycles are reduced by as much as 50%

8. We become your eyes and ears to the health of your coolers

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